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Veneer Membrane Hot Press Machine Veneer Vacuum Press

六月 18, 2019

vacuum membrane press machine in india

Plywood Hot Press Machine

Product Description

Plywood Laminating Hot Press Machine
Normal Pressure 500Ton
Size of Hot Platen 1370*2700*52mm
Oil Cylinder Φ320mm*2Pcs
Number of Layers 8.5KW
Space of Each Layer 70mm
Total Power 11KW
Total Weight 34Ton
Overall Dimension 3590*1370*4070mm

Product Details

Patented new type hydraulic station. Closing time is only 15s, one 11KW motor, power-saving, quiter. Schneider brand electrical parts. Customer can get Schneider after-sale service anywhere. Original Wuxi solid oil cylinder. No oil spill, more durable.
Q235 Stell hot platen, smooth surface, unobstructed oil-hole Stainless steel hot platen specially for laminating, make board surface more smooth. Assembled frame, Q235 steel, 45mm thick steel, well painted.



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