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Pvc Film Slitting Machine

» Pvc Film Slitting Machine

  • pvc slitting machine

    Pvc Film Slitting Machine

    1. It is applicable for the slitting tooling of industrial adhesive tape, electronic material, protective film, copper foil, aluminum foil, OPP, PE, PVC, sheet, cloth, etc.
    2. This machine is widely used in the industries such as printing, packing, electronics, leather, clothes making, plastic, etc.

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    pvc slitting machine

    pvc slitting machine is suitable for the cutting process of all kinds of thin film or PVC and decorative paper.

    The width of pvc slitting machine can be adjusted freely, and the cutting size must be precise.

    Type FQ-700A FQ-1350 FQ-1400
    Max. Width of Mother Roll 700mm 1100mm 1300mm
    MAX. Diameter of Mother Roll Φ600mm Φ600mm Φ600mm
    Width of Final Roll 30-600mm 30-600mm 30-600mm
    Slitting and Rewinding Speed 5-160m/min 5-160m/min 5-160m/min
    Tolerance of EPC <±0.5mm <±0.5mm <±0.5mm
    Total Power 2.7kw 3.5kw 3.5kw
    Weight of Machine 1200kg 1500kg 1800kg
    Overall Dimension 2000x1110x1400mm 2400x1110x1400mm 2600x1110x1400mm

    This machine is slitting equipment of high precision and high sensitivity , with inflatable bearing used for feeding and receiving materials. Imported magnetic powder clutch is adopted to control the tension . Imported gas sensitive device is adopted to detect the rectification of rolling, with fully automatic hydraulic rectification control. Automatic detection,rectification and metering can be realized. It is characterized that accurate slitting , fast slitting speed, easy operation and maintenance, etc.


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