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    PUR profile wrapping machine , ,

    This machine take PUR glue to wrapping / laminating the real wood, PVC film and melamine paper. It can wrap various products, such as skirting boards, set lines of door and windows, and railings of stairs. Work fast and perfect adhesive for the material.

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    Name:  pur hot melt laminating machine


    • This pur hot melt laminating machine is used for wrapping PUR glue onto surface of aluminum profile and upvc profile, wood and etc.
    • It also has common wrapping function.It can wrapp PVC and coating paper onto the skirting board, window door architrave, handrail and etc.
    • It can finish the wrapping work of surface, side and buttom.
    • This pur hot melt laminating machine is suitable for difficult wrapping shape.

    Technical Parameters

    Series No. Technical Item Technical Parameters
    1 Power Supply 380V 50Hz 12Kw
    2 Glue Type PUR Glue
    3 Glue Width 300mm
    4 Max. Workpiece Height 80mm
    5 Min. Workpiece Length 400mm
    6 Working Speed 0-20m/min
    7 Overall Dimension 9000*550*2100mm
    8 Weight 3500Kg

    pur hot melt laminating machine is special for wrapping decoration moulding line, aluminum workpieces , material surface finishing with leather, PVC, veneer material etc ,this machine have a strong feature of easy operation, laminating rapidly, strong adhesive, no bubbles according to the pieces different shapes, such as angle parts, around ARC, roughness, extruding, complicate shapes, It may offer perfect processing effect for surface of decorative strips with complicated shapes.

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    1. This machine uses high quality steel and complete whole machine body, adopting high precision of the gear transmission.
    2. All wheels are silicone rubber and aluminum featuring light weight and high strength, the silicone are good wear-resistance and proof of glue sticky, promise long use life.
    3 .PUR system is in exact heating control and proof, dispense PUR hot melt material from oneautomatic slot nozzle gun for Profile Wrapping application. spray PUR glue thickness 0.07mm
    4. Adopting high accuracy gear transmission instead of chain transmission.

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